Stephanie is Video and Social Media Producer, Editor, known as @StephanieIsLive , and a Photographer. Owner of a Media Company where I have done most videos is for churches, weddings, local and out of state businesses for commercial brands that you may have seen online or Television and many others including music videos, films, short films, and lyric videos. I also done aerial videography and photography. My cameras for photography and video concludes to be a Canon Rebel DSLR T6 and a Zoom Q2-n 4K camera that gets up to 1080 HD and 4K at the highest quality. For my drone is a DJI Spark. I have been creating video and photography content for about 10+ years and decade from taking a Television Production and a Yearbook class before my start on YouTube to many other online platforms out there on the internet. I have so much success as a digital creator from working on major productions with conclusion to partnership opportunities. 
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